The Holy Qur'an Translation



In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
By the Dawn, (1) And the Ten Nights, (2) And the Even and the Odd, (3) And the night when it moves on to its close, (4) Is there not in it strong evidence for one possessed of understanding ? (5) Hast thou not see how thy Lord dealt with Ad - (6) The tribe if Iram, possessors of lofty buildings ? (7) The like of whom have not been created in these parts - (8) And with Thamud who hewed out rocks in the valley, (9) And with Pharaoh, lord of vast hosts, (10) Who committed excesses in the cities, (11) And wrought much corruption therein ? (12) Thy Lord, then, let loose on them the scourge of punishment. (13) Surely, thy Lord is ever on the watch. (14) As for man, when his Lord tries him and honours him and bestows favours on him, he says, `My Lord has honoured me.' (15) But when HE tries and straitens for him his means of subsistence, he says, `My Lord has disgraced me.' (16) Nay, but you honour not the orphan, (17) And urge not one another to feed the poor; (18) And devour the heritage of other people, devouring greedily and wholly; (19) And you love wealth with exceeding love. (20) Hearken ! when the earth is completely broken into pieces; (21) And thy Lord comes attended by angels, rank on rank; (22) And Hell is brought near that day; on that day man will remember, but of what avail shall that remembrance be to him ? (23) He will say, `O, would that I had sent on some good works for my life here !' (24) So on that day none can punish like unto HIS punishment. (25) And none can bind like unto HIS binding. (26) O, thou soul at peace ! (27) Return to thy Lord, thou well-pleased with HIM and HE well-pleased with thee. (28) So enter thou among MY chosen servants, (29) And enter thou MY Garden. (30)