The Holy Qur'an Translation



In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
He frowned and turned aside, (1) Because there came to him the blind man; (2) And what would make thee know that he would purify himself, (3) Or, that he would take heed and the taking of heed would benefit him ? (4) How could it be that he who is disdainfully indifferent to the Truth, (5) Unto him thou shouldst pay attention - (6) Though thou art not responsible if he does not become purified - (7) But he who comes to thee hastening, (8) And he fears God, (9) Him shouldst thou neglect, (10) That should not be ! Surely, it is a Reminder - (11) So let him who desires pay heed to it - (12) Contained in honoured Books, (13) Exalted, purified, (14) In the hands of writers, (15) Noble and virtuous. (16) Woe unto man ! How ungrateful he is ! (17) Does he not consider, from what thing did God create him ? (18) From a sperm-drop ! HE creates him and proportions him ? (19) Then HE makes the way easy for him, (20) Then in due course HE causes him to die and assigns a grave to him; (21) Then, when HE pleases, HE will raise him up again. (22) Nay ! he has not yet carried out what God commanded him to do. (23) Now let man look at his food; (24) How WE pour down water in abundance, (25) Then WE cleave the earth a proper cleaving, (26) Then WE cause to grow therein grain, (27) And grapes and vegetables, (28) And the olive and the date-palm, (29) And walled gardens thickly planted, (30) And fruits and herbage, (31) A provision for you and your cattle. (32) But when the deafening shout comes, (33) On the day when a man will flee from his brother, (34) And from his mother and his father, (35) And from his wife and his sons, (36) Every man among them that day will have concern enough of his own to make him indifferent to others. (37) On that day some faces will be bright, (38) Laughing, joyous. (39) And some faces, on that day, will have dust upon them, (40) Darkness covering them. (41) Those will be the disbelievers, the doers of evil. (42)