The Holy Qur'an Translation



In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
By those who draw people to the true faith vigorously, (1) And by those who tie their knots firmly, (2) And by those who glide along swiftly, (3) Then they advance and greatly excel others, (4) Then they administer affairs in an excellent manner; (5) This will be on the day when the quaking earth shall quake, (6) And a second quaking shall follow it. (7) On that day hearts will tremble, (8) And their eyes will be cast down. (9) They say, `Shall we really be restored to our former state ? (10) `What ! even when we are rotten bones ?' (11) They say, `Then that, indeed, would be a losing return.' (12) It will only be a single cry, (13) And behold ! they will all come out in the open. (14) Has the story of Moses reached thee ? (15) When his Lord called him in the holy Valley of Tuw, (16) And directed him: `Go thou to Pharaoh; he has rebelled,' (17) `And say to him. `Wouldst thou be purified ? (18) `And I will guide thee to thy Lord so that thou mayest fear HIM.' (19) So he showed him the great Sign, (20) But he rejected him and disobeyed; (21) Then he turned away from the Truth, devising schemes; (22) And he gathered his people and proclaimed, (23) Saying, `I am your Lord, the Most High. (24) So ALLAH seized him for the punishment of the Hereafter and the present world. (25) Therein, surely, is a lesson for him who fears his Lord. (26) Are you harder to create or the heaven that ALLAH has made ? (27) HE has raised the height thereof and has made it perfect. (28) And HE has made its night dark; and has brought forth the morn thereof; (29) And the earth, along with it, HE has spread forth. (30) HE has produced therefrom its water and its pasture, (31) And the mountains HE made them firm. (32) All this is a provision for you and for your cattle. (33) But when the great calamity comes, (34) The day when man will call to mind all that he strove for, (35) And Hell will be made manifest to him who sees. (36) Then, as for him who rebels, (37) And prefers the life of this world, (38) The Fire of Hell shall, surely, be his abode. (39) But as for him who fears to stand before his Lord, and restrains his soul from evil desires, (40) The Garden shall, surely, be his abode. (41) They ask thee concerning the Hour: `When will it take place ?' (42) Wherein art thou concerned with the talk of its coming ? (43) The ultimate knowledge of it rests with thy Lord. (44) Thou art only a Warner unto him who fears it. (45) On the day when they see it, it will be as if they had not tarried in the world but an evening or a morn thereof. (46)