The Holy Qur'an Translation



In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
Nay, I swear by the Day of Resurrection. (1) Nay, I swear by the self accusing soul, that the Day of Judgment is a certainty. (2) Does man think that WE shall not assemble his bones ? (3) Yea, WE have the power to restore his very finger-tips. (4) But man desires to continue to send forth evil deeds in front of him. (5) He inquires `When will be the Day of Resurrection ?' (6) When the eye is dazzled, (7) And the moon is eclipsed, (8) And the sun and the moon are brought together, (9) On that day man will say, `Wither to flee ?' (10) Not at all; there is no refuge ! (11) With thy Lord alone will be the place of rest that day. (12) On that day will man be informed of that which he has sent forward and of that which he has left behind. (13) In truth man is a witness against himself, (14) Even though he puts forward his excuses. (15) Move not thy tongue, O Prophet, with the revelation of the Qur'an that thou mayest hasten to preserve it. (16) Surely, upon US rests its collection and its recital. (17) So when WE recite it, then follow thou its recital. (18) Then upon US rests the expounding thereof. (19) Hearken ! you love the present life; (20) And you neglect the Hereafter. (21) Some faces on that day will be radiant, (22) Looking eagerly towards their Lord; (23) And some faces on that day will be dismal, (24) Knowing that a back-breaking calamity will befall them. (25) Hearken ! when the soul of the dying man comes up to the throat, (26) And it is said, `Who is the Wizard to save him ?' (27) And he is sure that it is the parting; (28) And one shank rubs against the other shank in death-agony; (29) Unto thy Lord that day will be the driving. (30) For, he neither accepted the Truth nor observed Prayer; (31) But he rejected the Truth and turned his back on it; (32) Then he went to kinsfolk, strutting along in pride. (33) `Woe unto thee ! and woe again ! (34) `Then woe unto thee ! and woe again ! (35) Does man think that he is to be left alone without purpose ? (36) Was he not a drop of fluid, emitted forth ? (37) The he became a clot, then ALLAH gave him shape and perfected him. (38) Then HE made of him a pair; the male and female. (39) Has not such a one the power to raise the dead to life ? (40)