The Holy Qur'an Translation



In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
O thou who hast covered thyself with thy cloak, (1) Arise and warn, (2) And thy Lord do thou magnify, (3) And thy clothes do thou purify, (4) And uncleanliness do thou shun, (5) And bestow not favours seeking to get more in return, (6) And for the sake of thy Lord do thou endure trials patiently. (7) And when the trumpet is sounded, (8) That day will be a hard day, (9) For the disbelievers it will not be easy. (10) Leave ME alone to deal with him whom I created. (11) And I gave him abundant wealth, (12) And sons, dwelling in his presence, (13) And equipped him with all necessary things, (14) Yet he desires that I should give him more. (15) Certainly not ! for he was stubbornly opposed to Our Signs. (16) I shall inflict on him an increasingly overwhelming torment. (17) Lo ! he reflected and calculated ! (18) Ruin seize him ! how he calculated ! (19) Ruin seize him again ! how he calculated ! (20) Then he looked around him, (21) Then he frowned and scowled, (22) Then he turned away and was disdainful, (23) And said, `This is nothing but magic handed down; (24) `This is nothing but the word of a man. (25) Soon shall I cast him into the fire of Hell. (26) And what will make thee know what Hell-fire is ? (27) It spares not and it leaves naught. (28) It scorches the face. (29) Over it are nineteen angels. (30) And none but angels have we made wardens of the Fire. And WE have not fixed their number except as a trial for those who disbelieve, so that those, who have been given the Book, may attain certainty and those who believe may increase in faith, and those, who have been given the Book as well as the believers, may not doubt, and that those in whose hearts is disease and the disbelievers may say, `What does ALLAH mean by such an illustration ?' Thus does ALLAH leave to go astray whom HE pleases and guide whom HE pleases. And none knows the host of thy Lord but HE. And this is nothing but a reminder for man. (31) Nay, by the moon, (32) And by the night when it departs, (33) And by the dawn when it shines forth, (34) Verily, it is one of the greatest calamities. (35) A warning to man, (36) To him among you who wishes to advance in virtue or hang back. (37) Every soul is pledged for what it has earned; (38) Except those on the right hand. (39) They will be in Gardens enquiring (40) From the guilty ones, (41) `What has brought you into Hell ?' (42) They will say, `We were not of those who offered Prayer, (43) `Nor did we feed the poor, (44) `And we indulged in idle talk with those who indulge therein. (45) `And we continued to deny the Day of Judgment, (46) `Until death overtook us.' (47) So the intercession of intercessors will not avail them. (48) Now what is the matter with them that they are turning away from the Exhortation, (49) As if they were frightened asses, (50) Fleeing from a lion ? (51) Nay, every man among them desires to be given an open Book. (52) This cannot be ! Verily, they fear not the Hereafter. (53) Never ! for, this Qur'an is an exhortation enough. (54) Let him, then, who will, remember it. (55) And they will not remember unless ALLAH so pleases. HE alone is worthy to be feared and HE alone is worthy to forgive. (56)