The Holy Qur'an Translation



In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
When the Inevitable event comes to pass - (1) There is no denying its coming to pass - (2) Some it will bring low, others it will exalt. (3) When the earth will be shaken with a terrible shaking; (4) And mountains will be scattered - a complete scattering. (5) They shall all become like dust particles scattered about. (6) And you shall be divided into three groups: (7) Those on the right hand - how lucky are those on the right hand ! (8) And those on the left hand - how unlucky are those on the left hand ! (9) And the foremost; they are truly the foremost; (10) They will be those near to God; (11) And will be in the Gardens of Bliss - (12) A large party from among the first believers, (13) And a few from among the later ones, (14) Seated on couches inwrought with gold and jewels, (15) Reclining thereon, facing each other. (16) There will wait on them youths who will not age, (17) Carrying goblets and ewers and cups filled out of a flowing spring - (18) No headache will they get therefrom, nor will they be intoxicated - (19) And carrying such fruits as they choose, (20) And flesh of birds as they may desire. (21) And there will be fair maidens with wide, lovely eyes, (22) Like pearls well-preserved, (23) As a reward for what they did. (24) They will not hear therein any vain or sinful talk, (25) Except only the word of salutation - `Peace, peace.' (26) Those on the right hand - how lucky are those on the right hand ! - (27) They will be amidst thornless lote-trees, (28) And clustered bananas, (29) And extended shade, (30) And flowing water, (31) And abundant fruit, (32) Neither failing, nor forbidden. (33) And they will have noble spouses. (34) Verily, WE have created them a good creation, (35) And made them virgins, (36) Loving, of equal age; (37) For those on the right hand. (38) A large party from among the first believers. (39) And a large party from among the later ones. (40) And those on the left hand - how unlucky are those on the left hand ! - (41) They will be in the midst of scorching winds and scalding water, (42) And under the shadow of pitch-black smoke; (43) Neither cool nor wholesome. (44) Before this they lived in a life of ease and plenty, (45) And persisted in extreme sinfulness. (46) And they were wont to say, `What ! when we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we, indeed, be raised again, (47) `And our fathers of yore too ?' (48) Say, `Yes, the earlier ones and the later ones. (49) `Will all be gathered together unto the fixed time of an appointed day. (50) `Then, O ye that have gone astray and have rejected the truth, (51) `You will, surely, eat of the tree of Zaqqm, (52) And will fill your bellies therewith, (53) `And will drink boiling water, on top of that, (54) `Drinking as the insatiable thirsty camels drink.' (55) This will be their entertainment on the Day of Judgment. (56) WE have created you. Why, then do you not accept the truth ? (57) What think ye of the sperm-drop that you emit ? (58) Is it you who have created it, or are WE the Creator ? (59) WE have ordained death for all of you; and WE cannot be hindered, (60) From bringing in your place others like you, and from developing you into a form which you know not. (61) And you have, certainly, known the first creation. Why, then, do you not reflect ? (62) Do you see what you sow ? (63) Is it you who cause it to grow, or are WE the grower ? (64) If WE so pleased, WE could reduce it all to withered stubble, then you would keep lamenting: (65) `We are laden with debt ! (66) `Nay, we are totally deprived of everything.' (67) Have you considered the water which you drink ? (68) Do you send it down from the clouds, or are WE the Sender ? (69) If WE so pleased, WE could make it bitter. Why, then, do you not give thanks ? (70) Have you considered the fire which you kindle ? (71) Is it you who produce the tree for it, or are WE the Producer ? (72) WE have made it a reminder and benefit for the wayfarers. (73) So glorify the name of thy Lord, the Great. (74) Nay, I cite as proof the shooting of the stars - (75) And, indeed, that is a grand testimony, if you only knew - (76) This is, indeed, a noble Qur'an, (77) In a well-preserved Book. (78) Which none shall touch except those who are purified. (79) It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. (80) Is it this divine discourse that you would reject, (81) And do you make the denial thereof your means of livelihood ? (82) Why, then, when the soul of the dying man reaches the throat, (83) And you are at that moment looking on - (84) And WE are nearer to him than you, but you see not - (85) Why, then, if you are not to be called to account, (86) You cannot bring it back if you are truthful ? (87) Now if he be of those who are near to God, (88) Then for him is comfort and fragrance of happiness and Garden of bliss; (89) And if he be of those of the right hand, (90) Then, `Peace be ever on thee, O thou, of those of the right hand !' (91) But if he be of those who reject the truth and are in error, (92) Then for him will be an entertainment of boiling water, (93) And burning in Hell. (94) Verily, this is the certain truth. (95) So glorify the name of thy Lord, the Incomparably Great. (96)