The Holy Qur'an


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(1)Al-Ftihah17193.63 KB48.4s 5.2s

(2)Al-Baqarah128633.19 MB141.6m 15.1m

(3)Al-`Imrn120020.14 MB85.9m 9.2m

(4)An-Nis`117620.19 MB86.1m 9.2m

(5)Al-M`idah112015.54 MB66.3m 7.1m

(6)Al-An`m116518.55 MB79.2m 8.4m

(7)Al-A`rf120621.81 MB93.1m 9.9m

(8)Al-Anfl1756.37 MB27.2m 2.9m

(9)At-Taubah112912.53 MB53.4m 5.7m

(10)Ynus11099.12 MB38.9m 4.2m

(11)Hd11239.33 MB39.8m 4.2m

(12)Ysuf11118.43 MB36m 3.8m

(13)Ar-Ra`d1434.08 MB17.4m 1.9m

(14)Ibrahm1523.88 MB16.5m 1.8m

(15)Al-Hijr1993.22 MB13.7m 1.5m

(16)An-Nahl11289.43 MB40.3m 4.3m

(17)Al-Isr`11118.51 MB36.3m 3.9m

(18)Al-Kahf11108.92 MB38.1m 4.1m

(19)Maryam1985.40 MB23.1m 2.5m

(20)TH11357.31 MB31.2m 3.3m

(21)Al-Anbiy`11126.99 MB29.8m 3.2m

(22)Al-Hajj1787.14 MB30.5m 3.2m

(23)Al-Mu`minn11185.87 MB25.1m 2.7m

(24)An-Nr1646.34 MB27.1m 2.9m

(25)Al-Furqn1773.88 MB16.6m 1.8m

(26)Ash-Shu`ar`12277.07 MB30.2m 3.2m

(27)An-Naml1937.15 MB30.5m 3.3m

(28)Al-Qasas1888.60 MB36.7m 3.9m

(29)Al-`Ankabt1695.71 MB24.4m 2.6m

(30)ArRm1604.50 MB19.2m 2m

(31)Luqmn1342.36 MB10.1m 1.1m

(32)AsSajdah1301.72 MB7.4m 47.1s

(33)AlAhzb1736.11 MB26.1m 2.8m

(34)Saba`1543.95 MB16.8m 1.8m

(35)Ftir1453.71 MB15.8m 1.7m

(36)YSn1833.33 MB14.2m 1.5m

(37)Al-Saffat11824.38 MB18.7m 2m

(38)Sd1883.80 MB16.2m 1.7m

(39)Az-Zumar1756.56 MB28m 3m

(40)Ghfir1856.51 MB27.8m 3m

(41)Fussilat1544.62 MB19.7m 2.1m

(42)Ash-Shra1534.96 MB21.2m 2.3m

(43)Az-Zukhruf1895.07 MB21.7m 2.3m

(44)Ad-Dukhn1592.11 MB9m 57.6s

(45)Al-Jthiya1372.89 MB12.3m 1.3m

(46)Al-Ahqf1353.88 MB16.5m 1.8m

(47)Muhammad1383.23 MB13.8m 1.5m

(48)Al-Fath1293.08 MB13.1m 1.4m

(49)Al-Hujurt1181.93 MB8.2m 52.7s

(50)Qf1451.92 MB8.2m 52.4s

(51)Az-Zriyt1602.06 MB8.8m 56.2s

(52)At-Tr1491.77 MB7.6m 48.4s

(53)An-Najm1621.95 MB8.3m 53.3s

(54)Al-Qamar1552.07 MB8.8m 56.6s

(55)Ar-Rahmn1782.36 MB10.1m 1.1m

(56)Al-Wqi`ah1962.37 MB10.1m 1.1m

(57)Al-Hadd1293.09 MB13.2m 1.4m

(58)Al-Mujdilah1222.59 MB11.1m 1.2m

(59)Al-Hashr1242.65 MB11.3m 1.2m

(60)Al-Mumtahinah1132.23 MB9.5m 1m

(61)As-Saff1141.21 MB5.2m 33.1s

(62)Al-Jumu`ah111988.72 KB4.1m 26.4s

(63)Al-Munafiqn1111.05 MB4.5m 28.7s

(64)At-Taghbun1181.35 MB5.8m 37s

(65)At-Talq1121.65 MB7m 45s

(66)At-Tahrm1121.64 MB7m 44.8s

(67)Al-Mulk1301.89 MB8.1m 51.7s

(68)Al-Qalam1521.79 MB7.6m 48.9s

(69)Al-Hqqah1521.61 MB6.8m 43.8s

(70)Al-Ma`rij1441.35 MB5.7m 36.7s

(71)Nh1281.36 MB5.8m 37.2s

(72)Al-Jinn1281.59 MB6.8m 43.4s

(73)Al-Muzzammil1201.14 MB4.9m 31.1s

(74)Al-Muddaththir1561.56 MB6.6m 42.5s

(75)Al-Qiymah140991.25 KB4.1m 26.4s

(76)Al-Insn1311.40 MB6m 38.4s

(77)Al-Mursalt1501.12 MB4.8m 30.6s

(78)An-Naba`1401.08 MB4.6m 29.5s

(79)An-Nazi`t1461,018.06 K4.2m 27.1s

(80)`Abasa142838.91 KB3.5m 22.4s

(81)At-Takwr129584.19 KB2.4m 15.6s

(82)Al-Infitr119465.69 KB1.9m 12.4s

(83)Al-Mutaffifn136998.28 KB4.2m 26.6s

(84)Al-Inshiqq125583.44 KB2.4m 15.6s

(85)Al-Burj122570.31 KB2.4m 15.2s

(86)At-Triq117368.75 KB1.5m 9.8s

(87)Al-A`l119413.75 KB1.7m 11s

(88)Al-Ghshiyah126512.66 KB2.1m 13.7s

(89)Al-Fajr130758.66 KB3.2m 20.2s

(90)Al-Balad120451.25 KB1.9m 12s

(91)Ash-Shams115336.03 KB1.4m 9s

(92)Al-Lail121448.25 KB1.9m 12s

(93)Ad-Duha111256.44 KB1.1m 6.8s

(94)Ash-Sharh18156.41 KB39.1s 4.2s

(95)At-Tin18200.28 KB50.1s 5.3s

(96)Al-`Alaq119399.50 KB1.7m 10.7s

(97)Al-Qadr15163.25 KB40.8s 4.4s

(98)Al-Baiyinah18488.09 KB2m 13s

(99)Az-Zalzalah18217.34 KB54.3s 5.8s

(100)Al-`Adiyt111232.72 KB58.2s 6.2s

(101)Al-Qri`ah111222.03 KB55.5s 5.9s

(102)At-Takthur18182.56 KB45.6s 4.9s

(103)Al-`Asr1394.06 KB23.5s 2.5s

(104)Al-Humazah19202.06 KB50.5s 5.4s

(105)Al-Fl15138.41 KB34.6s 3.7s

(106)Quraish14123.31 KB30.8s 3.3s

(107)Al-M`n17156.41 KB39.1s 4.2s

(108)Al-Kauthar1378.03 KB19.5s 2.1s

(109)Al-Kfirn16165.13 KB41.3s 4.4s

(110)An-Nasr13113.28 KB28.3s 3s

(111)Al-Masad15132.13 KB33s 3.5s

(112)Al-Ikhls1474.94 KB18.7s 2s

(113)Al-Falaq15116.84 KB29.2s 3.1s

(114)An-Ns16161.66 KB40.4s 4.3s